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slide down pane to hold widget area WordPress


Hi, I have a slide down panel triggered by a menu item on my own site that was themed by someone else. I have attached screenshots to display the menu item and the panel in the open position. The live site can be found here:

However I would like to use this same type of technique/function on a template that I am working on right now. I have built out an example page with a widgetised area that I would like to be the slide down panel with a form and widget sidebar include.

Here is the page ( showing the green menu bar with a menu entry for "Request Quote", and under it a pane that is showing, but would like it to be hidden by default and slide down the same way it does on my site

Hopefully someone can guide me on this, and if possible I would like to make a simple plugin of this.

Please note that I have easy access to place scripts into the header and footer from my admin options page.

Thank you,


Answers (4)


Arnav Joy answers:

your new site is not loading , you have following written for old site

jQuery( '#contact-link' ).click( function() {
jQuery( this ).attr( 'hideFocus', 'true' ).parent().toggleClass( 'active' );
jQuery( '#contact-section .contact-content' ).slideToggle();
return false;
} );

so you can use it just pass id of the element in place of "#contact-link" whose click will open new area named as "#contact-section .contact-content"

Ciaran Whelan comments:

Hi there,

The sites seem to load for me no problem.
Example site:
Site to make this for:

Attached is the screenshot of the panel I want to slide down with the menu item to trigger the action.