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Frequently Asked Questions

You should only ask questions specific enough to be answered. The more specific, the better. Example: "Q: Why doesn't this piece of code (attached) work? A: You forgot a semi-colon on line 6".
If you decide to give out any usernames, passwords, addresses or credentials to anyone on the site, we are not responsible for any damage that might occur. Please be extremely careful about who you give login information to. Always back up your data and assets, and always change passwords as soon as a contractor is done working for you. Please remember that WPQuestions can not be held responsible for the quality of work done by any of the experts, and even the most skilled experts sometimes make mistakes.
There is an "Edit" button if you need to make clarifications. You will only see this link when you are logged in, and looking at your question.
WPQuestions believes developers should be paid fairly for their efforts. It's ideal for quick, one-off questions and not intended as a substitute for paying WordPress consultants for more significant 10-20 hr contracts, nor is it meant to undercut or cheapen the talents of developers. As such, questions which can be discussed and answered in less than an hour should be assigned a prize somewhere between $5 and $100.
Both Askers and Experts should have an existing PayPal account. When submitting a new question, Askers will be directed to a PayPal screen to confirm the details. PayPal info is not saved or stored at WPQuestions.
When the Asker receives sufficient answers to their question, they vote for the Experts who supplied the answers. The prize amount is divided among all voted answers depending on: the number of votes, rating stars and the voice authority of the people allowed to vote. Experts who offered an answer to the question are welcomed to vote for another Expert who they feel offered a helpful answer, AND for their own answer too if they honestly think it was helpful.
If the later Experts simply repeat the first Expert, then you should vote for the first Expert. However, if you gained useful information from several Experts, then you should vote for all of them.
If the Asker's question isn't answered sufficiently, the Asker has the option to request a refund. A request for a refund must be made within the time the question is active (specified by the Asker's upon submitting the questions). After a refund is requested, the voting will take place. The Experts will vote for the answers they think were helpful. This takes 24 hours. After that the experts who provided the most helpful answers will decide if they agree to refund their shares or not. The Asker will be offered the resulting amount and be able to accept or reject it and ask the administrator to arbitrate if necessary. If nobody votes within 24 hours for any of the answers, or if all experts are OK to give their shares back to the Asker the refund is issued right away. The Asker is getting notifications for every step of the process. In the case of the administrator involvement, we reserve the right to determine whether a question has been answered and how the prize will be distributed.
The Asker is charged upfront so there is no way to "game the system" by not paying. If the Asker abandons the question, then after the lifetime of the question is ended, it changes its status to "voting" and all involved Experts are welcome to vote for he answers. The voting lasts 24 hours and then the prize amount is devided among the experts.
Within a week after winning.
We set up this site because we found that some of our questions got ignored on the official WordPress site. On some level, this makes sense: WordPress experts deserve to get paid for their time, they may not want to answer my questions for free. We were frustrated with Experts Exchange because we had to pay money, yet none of the money went to the experts who were answering the questions - we wanted to be able to at least tip them. StackOverflow and all the other forums on the web are great, but sometimes we want people to write the code for us, and on those other forums people tend to give good advice, but they do not actually write code. We set up this site so that we could pay money and get people to answer questions fast, and to write code for us when we did not want to do it ourselves.
Polite language, please. More specifically, the language of this site is English.
This happens automatically if you provided your PayPal account email in your profile settings.