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set default shipping WordPress


Need PhP snippet to manually set Woo shipping method 'flat_rate' or 'local_pickup'.

Code will be inserted and be able to set shipping method 'flat_rate' or 'local_pickup' from shop or product page.


Answers (3)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

how do you want this? a check box or drop down?

also, selecting 'flat_rate' or 'local_pickup' from shop or product page will make this shipping method the default in the cart or checkout, right?

email889 comments:

Hey there. Anything that works. Thanks.

email889 comments:

yes, will be the same through to the checkout / cart. Thanks.

Reigel Gallarde comments:

should this be saved on sessions only, or per user account, or per cart ? like after checkout the set default shipping will be gone....

email889 comments:

- Per any visitor session basis (login / not logged in).
- There is no requirement from the default shipping after checkout is successful.
- All process and data should work as normal

Just want the snippet that be able to manually choose using (e.g radio btn) the shipping method from other page than cart / checkout.


email889 comments:

coming soon?


Arnav Joy answers:

see this


Bob answers:

do you want to set shipping method per product?

email889 comments:

not per product. just set default shipping between 2 method.

email889 comments:

no response?

Bob comments:

sorry was busy whole day.