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qtranslate plugin doesn't display admin language page to fill WordPress

I'm working with a free wordpress theme BizWay by Inkthemes:

I've installed Qtranslate plugin, but in the admin area the plugin doesn't display the page fpr translation.


Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

how have you install this ?

can you send login access via pm

preva comments:


I have installed as usual...I normally used this plugin.



Arnav Joy comments:

i checked the admin link and it is showing a blank screen.

please do not post any password here send pm , it is not safe to post password openly.


Michael Caputo answers:

To my knowledge qtranslate doesn't translate the WP Admin panel - used it for a project very recently.

Michael Caputo comments:

Information on how to translate the back end is here:

preva comments:

Thanks Michael...but the problem is not the admin area doesn't appear the screen to traslate my website pages.

Michael Caputo comments:

Looks like you're using the options framework, and it's not configured properly at the moment, I can't log in to your admin panel to see the issue.

Michael Caputo comments:

make sure you add this to your functions.php to get the options framework working:
 * Helper function to return the theme option value. If no value has been saved, it returns $default.
 * Needed because options are saved as serialized strings.
 * This code allows the theme to work without errors if the Options Framework plugin has been disabled.
if ( !function_exists( 'of_get_option' ) ) {
function of_get_option($name, $default = false) {
$optionsframework_settings = get_option('optionsframework');
// Gets the unique option id
$option_name = $optionsframework_settings['id'];
if ( get_option($option_name) ) {
$options = get_option($option_name);
if ( isset($options[$name]) ) {
return $options[$name];
} else {
return $default;