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problem with css showing up different in IE WordPress


I need someone to help me with some CSS code that was done on the site to align things better but messed the page up on IE.

attached is a sample of the problem.

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you show me the url where problem is?

Kon Wal comments:

http barrys hair studio .ie / news

Sorry.. you will need to take out the spaces...


webGP answers:


add the following line to your CSS file: { width: 100%; }

Kon Wal comments:


Kon Wal comments:

hi again.. what am I doing wrong here.. I click up vote for your answer and it says I cant vote.. how do i give you the payment?

webGP comments:


maybe you should click "Vote to award prize" below your question, but I'm not sure.

Kon Wal comments:

ah crap.. I awarded it wrong.. I have contacted the admins to award it to you.. if that doesnt happen.. I will pay you directly through paypal..

I really think WPQ could make that part easier