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price quote for developing this site WordPress

Have a look at this site:

** Translate it to English

I would like to get a price quote for developing such site, in English but all functionality should be from right to left:

The site will have some of the kids theme. very basic and simple.
What I need from you is the following:

A site presented from right to left.

site functionality:
The purpose of the site is allowing every child who has a birthday to open a "gift account" where all registered users can add money to his account and then he can choose which gift to choose from the store, depends on the amount of money the group added. (not online store, but the local one).

For example:
I have a birthday, I send all my friends a link to my "birthday page", where they can choose which amount to add to my account.
I get to to see how much money I have, and which one of my friends are going to participate.
I then go to the local store and pick the gift I wish.

1. Registration form
Create registration form with full details, forwarded to Mailchimp (or something like Mailchimp)
Every user who signs gets thank you e-mail. And receives a link to open a "gift account".
Every user is added to the mailing list.

2. Create unique interface allowing joint purchasing:
Registered user can open "gift account".
In this account he specifies the event (birthday, wedding etc.), the date of the event, his age, the date of his birthday, recommended budget.
After approval he gets verification mail and a link to send his friends to his "gift account page" - where they can participate.
If they are not registered, they can register & participate in the same page!

3. Joint purchasing page:
This is the link all friends receive to participate the gift.
They have to be registered users.
A friend can fill out the amount of money he wishes to give.
A friend can add personal greeting card.
His is forwarded to pay through paypal.
After approval in paypal he gets "thank you for participating in my gift" mail
The website admin gets notification mail with the amount added. Also the "birthday boy/girl" gets that mail.
The friend can send the link to other friends to participate the present.
The "birthday boy/girl" can log in to theri account and see how much money they have already, and who are the participants.

4. Two days before the end of the birthday event, every friend who hasn't pay through paypal gets reminder mail.
The account is clear 2 days after the event itself.

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Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Sharon ,

I tried to look the site but it is not loading , please check.