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post to facebook business page+customize event scroller widget WordPress


1. need to add plugin to post to facebook business page, including all the settings specific for this page (have many other pages).
2. On the mainpage, the middle widget "coming events" - remove the "italic" style.
Also add space before the first word of each line (right now it is cut..).

Multilingual site. The corrections needs to be done both in Hebrew and English version.

Thank you,

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

to remove italic style , use following css to style.css file of your theme

.wf-scroller-list i {
font-style: normal;

Arnav Joy comments:

I can not see any word which is cutting ?

cloudnclear comments:

Thank you! it's working

cloudnclear comments:

Can you do the 1st item as well?
I have the plugin already.

Arnav Joy comments:

which plugin you used ? and what do you mean by only specific to this page?

cloudnclear comments:

it is called "facebook auto publish".
I mean that in my facebook account I have several business pages. I need this site to be connected to a specific one.

cloudnclear comments:

i have many facebook business pages, but only one of them should be connected.
i don;t mind which plugin to use - as long as it's working.
right now, i chose "Facebook Auto Publish"

can you please do that?