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multiple banks accounts for wp ecomm online payment transactions? WordPress

Is there a wordpress ecommerce solution that allows for multiple bank accounts for the purchase transaction? Depending on which product was purchased the funds would need to go to the specific bank account chosen for that product.

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

do you mean multiple payment gateways?

ericBee comments:

No, I actually need a solution that would allow funds to transfer to separate bank accounts depending on which products were purchased. I have a client that owns several restaurants, a few of them sell products. I would like to have all products from each restaurant displayed on one website, depending on which product was purchased those funds would be transferred to bank account A and the other funds from the other products would get transferred to bank account B.

Hope that makes sense, this has been difficult just searching for it in general.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Eric,

Have you thought about how would you process the transaction?

If there were 4 products from 4 different restaurants, would it require 4 transactions? E.g., the buyer would pay 4 times?

Or would be only one transaction and later the money would go to 4 different accounts?

I think that later is the only acceptable solution, from the buyer's point of view.

So you would need some post payment solution, that would require some non WordPress programming.

I can do it for you, please send me a [[LINK href=""]]PM[[/LINK]].