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how can i activate the PURCHASE link on my table??? WordPress


My question is:
For the table pricing feature i'm not able to activate the PURCHASE button to direct users to a different page once clicked.... is there any way i can activate the PURCHASE link??? i have no idea on how its done. For a better view of my issue visit this page of my site and you should see what i mean by the purchase [[LINK href=""]]link [[/LINK]]

Im also letting you know that im using the wordpress Karma theme.

I will donate a bit more money then showcased to the person who solves and tells me how the issue is solved.

Answers (3)


Asad Iqbal answers:

Your site is in maintenance mode !

sakaproductions comments:

sorry i forgot about that and i will change.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Can you please send me a temporary admin access details of the site through inbox? There may have a shortcode feature for 'Buy Now'. Or please mention the name of the plugin you using for this pricing table.

sakaproductions comments:

Im not using any plugin. The Karma theme included the feature of adding tables... I will give you limited access as an editor for the next 2 days. Your username is: Asad Password is: Iqbal

Asad Iqbal comments:

Password is not working and also pm me the password, this is not the right place to give password.

sakaproductions comments:

where would be the correct place to send you the password then??? I'm new here, and i have no idea how the process works.


Pali Madra answers:

Each button has a separate <a href=""></a> that can be defined. Will you be able to do that or you want someone else to do it for you? If you want someone else to do it please send me the access details (wp-admin and I will do the needful).

Thanks and Regards,
Pali Madra


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi ,

I have once did it , using S2 membership plugin , see this question

this question is not have my answer there as I have to work in the files to get the button working .

I can do it , let me know if you are interested. my contact info is

sakaproductions comments:

I know you can do it, but i dont want you doing it, i want the answer on how its done, you think you can do that for me??? And im not using the s2 member plugin all i want to do is to redirect users to a different part of site once the PURCHASE button gets clicked.

sakaproductions comments:

Let me know if you need administrative access to my site and i will give you a username and password.