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fix CSS speed WordPress

Does anyone see any small edits I can make in my css file to speed things up

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John Cotton answers:

Speed up....what? The time it takes to load the file? Or the time it takes to read the file and render the page?

I think it's impossible for anyone to answer the latter effectively since we'd have to know the site in detail although there's [[LINK href=""]]a good piece here[[/LINK]].

If it's the former you want

* Minimise the file (remove spaces, carriage returns and comments)
* Remove all unused classes/rules (are all those font awesome classes needed?)
* Consider sourcing/hosting your fonts on a CDN rather than locally

There's more but those should keep you going.


timDesain Nanang answers:

You can try this tool:
to minimize the filesize


Ian Lincicome answers:

Generally speaking, don't waste your time. It is most likely not your CSS that is slowing your site down. You should first look elsewhere for the issue. CSS is very rarely the cause of a slow webpage. In fact it would be a first for me and I've been working on such things for over 20 years. I think you should use a speed analysis tool to see where you real issue is and then ask for help. You can find such a tool by Googling "Webpage speed test" or use the one at


Bob answers:

I think this tool can be helpful to you.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Arnav Joy answers:

Hello Katie ,

Can you let us know actually what problem you are getting ?

Katie comments:

Im not really having any specific problems just trying to tune things up I know my css is a mess, the site on android is a lot slower and I thought I may have some css that was slow

Arnav Joy comments:

you can try this site to see what is causing it to slow.