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facebook like box WordPress

- using wordpress 3.4.1
- I don't have a facebook account

I have seen several company sites where there is a "fan" box or "like" box in the sidebar displaying the tiny photos of all the facebook users who "like" the company.

Our company has a facebook page and wants this feature on their wordpress site.

I installed Facebook Like Box and the widget shows up fine in the sidebar.
Problem is that it only displays: "Facebook Public Profile / Login to see this content."

<strong>I thought users (even those without facebook accounts) would be able to see the "fan box".
This is probably the most important part of this question.
Can non-facebook users with no facebook account see the fan box?
If not, the rest of this is moot.
We only wanted the like box if it would allow the public (non-facebook users) to get a glimpse of our facebook fans and content.</strong>

The questions really are?
a) is this the right plugin for our intentions?
b) if so, what am I doing wrong?
c) if not, what IS the right (SIMPLE) plugin for this purpose?

Some of you have suggested it is a permissions issue on the facebook page.
But I just checked.
Facebook "unpublish" is NOT checked.
It is restricted to viewers in United States.
It is set to be viewed by anyone (13+).
So is there something else?
Is there a different page for the "fans" than the main page?
(I'm not a facebook user)


Answers (7)


Luis Abarca answers:

I think your facebook fan page is not public, check if your fan page his published or private.

Goto your fan page > Manage permissions

Uncheck : "Unpublish page (only admins can see this page)"

c a comments:

that's probably it.
I didn't make our facebook page so I will get the user login and try that.
If it corrects it, I'll award you the prize.

c a comments:

finally got the security code to log into the facebook acct.
Unpublish is not checked.
It is set to only show to viewers in United States.
And age restriction is anyone (13+).

So I don't get it.


Martin Pham answers:

please try this plugin


Arnav Joy answers:

here are some of the plugins for your purpose


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

For me I don't use plugins for such thing, I just use the officiel code by Facebook from this page:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
and then use the code in a text widget.
For your problem I think it's like what Luis Abarca said, the fan page is not open to public. here is a tutorial:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
Good luck.

c a comments:

good suggestion. Me not being a facebook person - I didn't realize they had a like-box plugin.

Abdelhadi Touil comments:

You are welcome. If you are still facing the same problem then contact me and I'll help you.


Hai Bui answers:

Useful information from
<blockquote>If the Like box won't display content to logged-out users, it's almost certainly because there's a demographic restriction on your page. The API (and social plugins) will only return information about such pages to users who meet the restrictions.

It's most likely that you've not yet published the page, have marked the page as being for users >18, for users in a certain country, or have marked the page as being 'Alcohol related' (which limits it to users of legal drinking age in their country)</blockquote>

Hai Bui comments:

Did you see my above answer? Since the facebook page is restricted to only users in a certain country (US), when you are not logged in, Facebook cannot decide which country you are from and it hides the content from you. That's it. If you want everyone to see the Like Box without logging in, you have to remove the restriction.

c a comments:

Yes I did see your answer, thank you.
That's why I mentioned in my edited question that I had checked those restrictions.
Like I said, I found that it was only restricted to USA, which is fine for our local, small business.
The answer you gave said, <blockquote>will only return information about such pages to users who meet the restrictions.</blockquote>
And USA users meet our restrictions and should be able to see it.
I thought the system was somehow getting the location from the user IP address and NOT through Facebook's profile details.
So that's why I didn't know what you have now clarified,
<blockquote>when you are not logged in, Facebook cannot decide which country you are from</blockquote>
That makes sense.
I hope that truly solves it.
I will remove the restriction this afternoon and re-test it.


Asad Iqbal answers:

If you are still facing same problem then I can help you. Please message me your site's access details.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Why this happening? You can just paste the iFrame code too.


Pali Madra answers:

I think the Facebook page is not public. Changing the status of the page from private to public should fix things.

Pali Madra comments:

Can you please share the page URL please?