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change position of a nivo slideshow on my main page WordPress


I am using a theme that includes a Nivo Slider which has a fixed position on the main page of the site. I would like to move the nivo slider position holder down further on the main page. here is the original theme

Any help would be appreciated.

Answers (4)


Christianto answers:


Do you mean by "moving down further", is lowering the slider position slightly or put the slider down on the main area?

If you want to lower the slider position, you can adjust height of div id="header_wrapper" and the height background image /Accent/images/header_bg.png
currently it both is set to 518px

on custom.css themes/Accent/css/jqueryui/custom.css
you can put this css code:

body.home #header_wrapper{ height: 567px!important }

and edit the header_bg.png image height to 567px using photoshop/gimp


If you don't care about the background you can lower only div="slider_wrapper"
currently it set to minus value=> margin-top: -320px;

on custom.css themes/Accent/css/jqueryui/custom.css
you can put for example this css code:
#slider_wrapper{margin-top: -300px!important}
or lower value:
#slider_wrapper{margin-top: -250px!important}

movino4me comments:

Perfect Christianto! Totally gave me what I was looking for and a bit more.


Luis Abarca answers:

Could you attach the home.php or index.php file ?, to have a look

movino4me comments:

I have uploaded the file


Arnav Joy answers:

can you show a sketch where you want to move it?


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

Where you want to move the slider exactly? I see it's in a nice place, and I don't see it's fixed, because it scrolls with page.
Good luck.