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category image WordPress


please help me
i want to make like
how to make category image like that

like tumblr
if post in quote, there will show icon quote in post
if post in image, there will show icon image in post

plugins category images cant work
only category /taxonomy image ii works but the background is black, i cant change it to transparent

thank you

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

what to do you mean by category image?

check this plugin

honeypi comments:

diamond shape in googleventure
if i post category a, index post category will show image not "category : category a"

i tried plugins, it doesnt work ><;

Arnav Joy comments:

can you explain more your point ,
index post category?
category a?


honeypi comments:

i cant see the comment, i edited my question
sorry for limited english, and hard to explain it clearly