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buddypress breadcrumbs WordPress

I run a website that used buddypress groups. I would like to incorporate breadcrumbs (in google rich snippets format) into the individual buddypress pages (activity, members) and my custom buddypress tabs

Be aware that I have changed the group homepage using this functionality, there are also two additional pages, overview and employers

I would like this custom created, coded so I can paste it into the header where it will be needed (does not need to be plugin). Plugins intended for typical wordpress do not support the groups format below

Example pages

parent page >
Home > Sectors

group parent page >
Home > Sectors > Actuarial
The home page should be treated as the parent, any others in the group such as activity should be displayed as below

group child (custom tab) page >
Home > Sectors > Actuarial > Employers

Answers (2)


Asad Iqbal answers:

Did you try this:

Or the followings:

Let me know.

npeplow comments:

Thanks for the suggestions, yep - I tried yoast but it did not work correctly. I'm looking to have this coded up if possible, so I control it myself and include the code in the page

Asad Iqbal comments:

If you want to code yourself then look at this tutorial:

It has a video tutorial too.

For additional reference:

Logic is you've to add function to function.php file and then echo to your desired place.

Let me know if that helps. If you are still unable then give me wordpress and cpanel details through pm.


Arnav Joy answers:

see these plugins

and see this article