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Wordpress blog post not opening?? WordPress


Whenever i do a new post it automatically saves the url as whatever the category is?
When i goto the blog page and goto click on the new blog post to open it all it does it refresh the page because its like the post link is the same as the actual page? Its got a different Slug or when i click on the quick edit post function. But yeh can someoone help please

Answers (7)


Arnav Joy answers:

have you updated any plugin or theme or wp?
have you changed permalink settings?


Farid answers:


That's strange. Did you try by resaving the permalinks settings from Settings > Permalinks page? Ensure those are set to the Post name.

If you still face this issue then provide me the site URL so that I can have a look and help you accordingly.

BTW: Also check your plugin conflicts. Disable all plugins and see if that fixes the issue. Then re-enable one plugin at a time to find the culprit plugin.



Mohamed Ahmed answers:

Reset Your Permalink Settings to the Default
Add your site URL to wp-config.php with this code



Dario Ferrer answers:


1) Go to Settings > General and make sure that the fields WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are correct. If not, just write the right URL for both (generally are the same) and make a click on Save button.

2) Once checked that, go to Settings > Permalinks and just click the button Save Changes without making any change. This action will renew your .htaccess file.

3) Check your links. Your website should be fine now.


Cesar Contreras answers:

check your permalinks settings


Rempty answers:

is theme yours?
looks like the permalink is not being printed
maybe you are using
without echo
also you can use


Echeverri answers:

are you testing your site, update you wp installation, and your plugins and try if this run ok for you