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Wordpress Gallery Not Working WordPress

WordPress gallery is being used to display jpg images. I am using a theme called WPFolio and assembling a site for an artist.

Gallery displays well on page and individual images also display well. Clicking 'next' or 'back' however does not display the expected image. It displays other images, from media library, but not the expected image from the page..

Best regards and many thanks,

Answers (3)


Kiet Luong answers:

are you using next_image_link() and previous_image_link() for next and previous links ?

Dominick Curatola comments:

Not sure where these lines of code are inserted. The gallery is present and the 'forward' and 'back' do change the image. But it does not accurately correspond to the images in gallery. (out of order). Thank you for your continued help.

Kiet Luong comments:

If possible please allow me access to your site, so I have a look at it and see how I can help you.


Arnav Joy answers:

how you inserted gallery ?

Dominick Curatola comments:

gallery is inserted using 'add media' and 'creating a gallery'. After setting it up, I insert gallery into the page. Have you looked at site.


Monit Jadhav answers:

When you add a gallery. And click on any gallery item to open the single image. It uses the attachment template. Hence using next previous will jump to next attachment image as per the media library and not the next item of the gallery. Hence the error.

Monit Jadhav comments:

Simplest answer would be to upload images from the page you want to insert the gallery to and use page id as parameter

[gallery id=post_id_here]

This will resolve your problem.