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Woocommerce Multiship Plugin WordPress


I'm having an issue on this website when people try to ship to multiple addresses. I have reached out to theme support and Woocommerce support and neither could replicate the issue or offer a solution.

Themes and plugins are up to date.

When you try to use the multiple shipping address functionality on this site, and go in and save your addresses, when you come back to the site, I get an infinite loading wheel. It won't go away, even with a refresh.

Answers (3)


Rempty answers:

Did you edited the template files from woocommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses??
The loop is produced because this code is being executed inside the json response


Maybe you can check if this code exist in the plugin template files.

it is a paid plugin and i can't do any other test.


Shoeb mirza answers:

Can you please check the website now ? I made few changes in the plugin file. I will send you the file for original.

Anne Shenton comments:

It seems to be working fine on the staging site. Did you make the changes on the live site or just staging?

Shoeb mirza comments:

I only did for the staging to show you..

Shoeb mirza comments:

The loading is gone however it having some effect on other parts. Other developers can look into this issue and you can share the credentials with them.


Arnav Joy answers:

are you still looking for help ?