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WooCommerce - Single Product templating like pages/posts WordPress


Hi there,

I would like to have Single Product templating like pages/posts setup for WooCommerce's single products? Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction to get it setup?

Obviously Template Name: Single Product Landscape, Template Name: Single Product Portrait does not work at the top of each call in PHP.



Answers (2)


Ryan S answers:

See if this help

midsummas comments:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for that :)

That is what I am currently doing as I have copied the templates directory from the WooCommerce plugins folder and then put it into my Theme directory and have modded files. What it doesn't explain though is how to have multiple single product templates for the products themselves, much like how you can have a home page template, a full width template etc for pages where it activates the drop down menu to choose the template you want.

Do you know of any articles that do that?



Ryan S comments:

Yeah unfortunately it only replace the default Woocommerce page template so how about create WordPress page template + the above tutorial

e.g. Create Woocommerce template that replace the single-page display then on the product page(edit page) use the WordPress template you've just created?

midsummas comments:

Yes but then that leads to double the work as if he has 40 images to sell, he would have to do that over and over again... Add to products, then add to pages... it would become very tedious for new products.

Thanks though Ryan.




Arnav Joy answers:

are you looking for different templates for post? see these plugins:-

midsummas comments:

Hi Arnav,

Thanks for your reply, but this does not work for templates within the Products section of WooCommerce. Those plugins only apply to pages and posts of the normal site.