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WooCommerce Price Filter Widget WordPress

Back once again!

I am using WooCommerce for a website i've built and integrated the Woocommerce Price Filter Slider widget but the slider doesn't seem to show and I can't work out why!

Any Ideas?

Here's a link.
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Answers (2)


John Cotton answers:

I assume this is the code you're referring to:

'animation' : 'slide',
'width' : 590,
'height' : 365,
'automatic': true,
'useCaptions': false,
'showControls': false,
'showMarkers': true,
'centerMarkers': false,
'rotationSpeed': 4000,

I can't find an element with id of slider...I can find a style of price_slider so perhaps you meant to code $('.price_slider').bjqs...?

floy comments:

Nah thats for a separate image slider which works fine. Im referring to the actual Price Filter Widget (see below)

I've added it in, everything shows up except for the actual slider bit. (In the shop sidebar)

See image for reference.