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WooCommerce/Comment Notification Change Email and From name WordPress


When WooCommerce sends an order verification email it shows our company email and from name (which is not the website that it was setup on). The same goes to when WP sends out emails for comment notifications.


The website is ABC Company <[email protected]> and it sends it saying that it's from XYZ Company <[email protected]>

I need to know how to have the website send from website ABC Company <[email protected]>

I was told it had to do with the server and that WordPress sends out emails with the servers email credentials.

I have 20 websites that are all different and need to know how to resolve this for each website.


Answers (11)


Sean Grant answers:


I think Martin Pham has the right idea. If that plugin didn't work for you try this one:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I use it on my website and it is configured to send via Gmail SMTP with a secure connection. This is because I use Google Apps/Gmail to manage my email for the domain. Thus bypassing all server related mail.

I've used it on a couple other domains as well, all using Gmail as SMTP server.

Hope this helps!

Sean Grant

Adam comments:

I just tried it, it didn't's a screen shot. I can only upload one image with here so I'll upload the other with the email that I received.