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Why is my homepage redirecting to an old blog entry? WordPress


When you visit, for some reason you are redirected to an old blog entry. If you visit, the page loads just fine.

Steps I've taken:
- Disabled all plugins
- Switched themes
- Checked permalink settings
- Confirmed the correct page is set as the homepage in Reading Settings
- Checked .htaccess is fine
- Run a scan with Wordfence to ensure there are no infected files
- Replaced all core WordPress files

Answers (5)


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Good afternoon,

There is some 301 created:

carazo@carazo-desktop:~$ wget
--2019-03-11 14:02:10--
Resolviendo (
Conectando con ([]:443... conectado.
Petición HTTP enviada, esperando respuesta... 301 Moved Permanently
Ubicación: /news/wud-records-our-bands-on-tv [siguiente]
--2019-03-11 14:02:11--
Reutilizando la conexión con
Petición HTTP enviada, esperando respuesta... 200 OK

So there is something in:
1) your server (nginx or Apache)
2) your files
3) your database

Download your whole site (files and database) and look for this string: /news/wud-records-our-bands-on-tv

Maybe you find there the solution.

Which is leading you there. Have you asked your hosting about it?


Arnav Joy answers:

Have you checked wp-config.php file at the root and functions.php file of activated theme?

Arnav Joy comments:

Also check for general settings in admin


isp_charlie answers:

check on ADMIN > Setting > Reading, see my image


Hugo Gonçalves answers:

Hi Dan!

Try these steps:


Peter Michael answers:

Hi there,

the only thing I could think of is to check Settings -> General -> Site Address (URL). Other than that requires to check server (Nginx/Apache) config files.