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Who can optimize my wordpress WordPress

I have my wp blog an arabic health tips site, I want to speed it up.

this is a report by google page speed

High priority. These suggestions represent the largest potential performance wins for the least development effort. You should address these items first:
Leverage browser caching, Combine images into CSS sprites
Medium priority. These suggestions may represent smaller wins or much more work to implement. You should address these items next:
Minimize redirects, Optimize the order of styles and scripts
Low priority. These suggestions represent the smallest wins. You should only be concerned with these items after you've handled the higher-priority ones:
Optimize images, Specify a cache validator, Minify HTML, Minimize request size, Specify image dimensions, Remove query strings from static resources
Already done!. There are no suggestions for these rules, sin

Answers (4)


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

I'm an arabic web designer, so I can help you, just contact me :)
Good luck.


Monit Jadhav answers:

Sure can do it, contact me.


Gabriel Reguly answers:


There are more tools than just Google Page Speed, here is one:

[[LINK href="!/NdcNaoYRF/"]]!/NdcNaoYRF/[[/LINK]]



Doug Montgomery answers:

From looking at the pingdom report, if I read it correctly, your host is the majority of your problem. Any of you pro's out here can correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still learning.

I see 2 problems, timthumb and your host.

What I see is that your host is taking too long to respond to the requests and and timthumb is slowing things down. No answer here for timthumb but there are a ton of hosts that can resolve the response problem.

Wish I knew more. I'm just a backyard wordpress-er trying to learn.

Good luck.

ps. If anyone has a problem with me pipping in with a comment or 2 on different problems please just let me know...I'll keep my nose out.