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What is the best way to display collapsible elements on a page? WordPress


A plug in would be preferred as my php knowledge is not good.

I have a list of resource categories on a page and want each title to expand and show further resources in that category.


Answers (4)


Dan | gteh answers:

Use wp_list_pages or wp_nav_menu to control what is displayed.

See: and

Each of them generates classes such as .current_page_item which you can use to control various levels.

Steve Watson comments:

Will either of those work on a the items on a page like this. The items i want to exand are in the page content not the navigation bar.



Ross Wilson answers:

I have used the first plugin on this page before to show an according style menu and it was very easy to configure. I believe you could place the menu anywhere with a shortcode. The other two plugins are interesting and come from the same developer.
[[LINK href=""]]vertical menu plugins[[/LINK]]


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

You want something like this: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

You can use it directly in your theme. If you want more info ask.


Arnav Joy answers:

i am not sure what you are asking for but have a look in this plugin..