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What is the best shared hosting company for PHP? WordPress


I have been renting my own server for 10 years so I have lost touch with the world of shared hosting. I dislike shared hosting, and I warn my clients away from it. Nevertheless, I have a friend who is launching a PHP site (of which WordPress is a small part) and they are insisting on the going with whatever is cheapest. They are thinking of using [[LINK href=""]]HostGator[[/LINK]].

I am curious, what are other people using nowadays? Which companies are good?

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Arnav Joy answers:

I have many of my clients who are using :-

1. Hostgator
2. GoDaddy
3. BlueHost

Lawrence Krubner comments:

I have heard good things about Bluehost. I will check them out.


Navjot Singh answers:

I have used Hostgator and Dreamhost. Both the companies provide rock solid hosting and great support. Infact for Hostgator, I have had near zero downtime experiences. Their support has always been prompt and to the point. I would totally recommend it.

Lawrence Krubner comments:

Near zero downtime experiences with Hostgator? Interesting. What do you regard as downtime? I was just ssh into a Hostgator account, connected to MySql and ran "show databases" and the request took 18 seconds to run. I am not exaggerating. 18 seconds is a long time. I would regard that as fairly close to downtime.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Depends on many things, for example your location.

I have good experience with:
1. Sitios Hispanos (really cheap, they use Varnish, good assistance, good performance)
2. HostGattor (the "typical" one, I use it, unfortunately sometimes really slow)

In Spain I use with some clients two good options, prepared for WordPress:
1. really fast attention, good prices
2. this is not a "shared" one, this is a specific "WordPress Cloud", marketing yes, but it works and it is not expensive

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

I didn't say about locations, my preferences for each client:
1. In NorthAmerica, Asia and Africa: HostGattor
2. In Central-South America: Sitios Hispanos
3. In Europe: WebEmpresa or Gigas

Lawrence Krubner comments:

I agree with Francisco Javier Carazo Gil, my own experience with Hostgator is that it can be slow, that is why I am exploring alternatives.


John Cotton answers:

TSOHosts (UK) do excellent packages.

WPEngine are great for pure WordPress.

My advice would be to look in the country where most visitors come from (if that's possible) as you will get a small SEO boost from being local.

Lawrence Krubner comments:

John, thanks much, I agree WPEngine could be good for a pure WP site, but this site is a mix of WP and other PHP code.


phppoet answers:

hi lawrence,
You will face some problem at some point of time with most of shared hosting companies , no matter which company you choose . It will work fine unless you have huge traffic and law resource taking script . Once you start taking their resource , they will take action .

I am currently hosted on (its a india centric ) . It has been around 2 years now without a problem but i had problems with them in early months when i installed some huge resource taking scripts like osdate . they have disabled my account for few days and then enabled it after few days with warning . after that i mostly used wordpress , question2answer like scripts and never faced any problem with them .

I do have a good experience of bluehost and hostgator . both are good .



Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Lawrence,

HostGator has been bought and I have faced a lot of trouble with them lately, they were talking about new infrastructure, etc.

GoDaddy is very slow for me most of the time

There is a lot of people recommending lately, but I have no experience with them.

I would recommend your friend the cheapest host he can find, but pay it by month and wait for the trouble.

Then change your friend to something like wpengine, zippykid, pagely, etc...

Experience will teach him better then any advice from us ;-)



Eric P. answers:

I had really good experiences with HostGator for years, and used to strongly recommend them.

They are still fairly solid on reliability, but they have done a few things over the past year or so which differs from my previous experience. Making sudden, barely announced changes and "upgrades". I still use them, but I've been looking at other possibilities. Their support and openness about upcoming events isn't what it once was.

In the past I've used BlueHost as a backup/alternate server, and had reasonably good service from them.

Except for one serious incident, I had good luck with JustHost as well. The one serious incident took down my biggest client at the time, at a business critical time for them, and the outage lasted several days. The server they were on completely died and went away. By the time they got it fixed (5 or 6 days after my initial report), I had moved the client's sites to HostGator.

Most of my clients are USA centric, so I prefer hosts in the USA with good redundant connectivity. Have you ever used to get graphs and connectivity maps? If you need some help determining actual connectivity for a specific hosting service, contact me by messaging here.

Lawrence Krubner comments:

Eric P, thank you, what you write matches other rumors I have heard about HostGator. I am worried about using it now.


Nirmal answers:

If you need a managed host, its better to go with WPEngine.
Otherwise These are some best hosting providers worth considering


James Dean answers:

I personally use the following:

in the UK =
in Asia: = < Korean
Japan: + USA =

but if your taking about Wordpress hosting then you should really go for

Lawrence Krubner comments: looks interesting but I think their cheapest server is 20 pounds a month? That seems reasonable to me, but the client I am currently dealing with strangely allergic to hosting costs.


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

Hostgator & GoDaddy


Ghazanfar Ali answers:

Is best for wordpress hosting and new company so order them now on

[email protected]


business_ideas answers:

I wouldnt recommend Hostgator for VPS. They have a responsive support (24 hours chat), but the always give the wrong answer.

If you want best and cheap, try Hetznet ( Cant go wrong with the germans. Carefull, there is one, with the same name, in another domain (za I think).