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Wanting to edit social button plugin WordPress


Hey there,

I'm wondering if someone can help me take off a couple of social buttons from my social sharing plugin on this blog

Just wanted to keep Twitter, Facebook and Email and remove the other ones.

Also would like to replace the Facebook button with a 'Facebook Like' option, if that makes sense.

Please PM me for login.


Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hello Kate,

I would like to help you for this , let me know.


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

As I see you are using Shareaholic plugin, so you just need to go to Settings -> Shareaholic to adapt the plugin settings as you like.
Good luck.

Kate Hernandez comments:

This would obviously be the first place I'd check. But they've left out the option for you to be able to choose your social icons.

Abdelhadi Touil comments:

When I was using this plugin it was easy to choose icons I want, and I think it's still possible like described here:

<blockquote>Selecting your networks

Once you reach the plugin options page you will see a full range of options to choose from, most notably the ability to pick and choose which social bookmarking sites to include in your social bookmarking menu. Simply put a tick under each of the icons representing the sites that you would like to show up in your menu.</blockquote>

Source: [[LINK href=""]]Shareaholic for WordPress // Usage & Installation[[/LINK]]


webGP answers:

Maybe you should try other plugins like shareThis or addThis.