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Wanting to add a toggle to a blogpost within theme WordPress


Hi there,

I have website and under 'Newsletters' page (blog), I'd like to add a toggle shortcode (to add some hidden drop down text) but it seems I can't, even though I can do so throughout the rest of the site.

If someone could PM me asap, I will give admin to please fix. It seems like I'm missing something that's probably quite straightforward.



P.S I've attached a photo of the kind of toggle I'm after (one photo is opened, one is closed). It's the very last module on the page.

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

how you are doing it on other pages ?

Kate Hernandez comments:

On the other pages you can add modules like 'toggle', radio buttons, text box etc but when you go into the posts edit, you don't get all those options. Do you want admin so you can see?


Jayaram Y answers:

Hi Kate,

I have sent you a PM. Please check

Jayaram Y comments:


Please use the latest version of the theme. They have added the builder to posts as well. Please check

Jayaram Y comments:


If you want the page builder to be integrated to present theme for posts, then let me know.

see attachment