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WYSIWYG Visual Mode is blank WordPress


For whatever reason, the WYSIWYG Visual mode stopped working (mysteriously after I passed the Administration role to my client). When I last left the site over a week ago, everything was functioning properly.

What on earth could the client have done from Admin to disrupt this function?
I deactivated all of the plugins and deleted some unused ones. This did not seem to affect the problem. I reinstalled the original theme. No changes.

It seemed like something I should be able to fix from Admin, since that is where I presume it was broken.

HTML version shows up fine. There is the occasional dashed red line that appears in visual mode. Beyond that, it opens but the content appears blank.

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Arnav Joy answers:

try to reinstall wordpress

Arnav Joy comments:

try to reinstall wordpress

little D comments:

Do you mean to delete all files and upload a fresh downloaded version. Then recreate the entire site?
Or do you mean to download a fresh version of WordPress and overwrite the existing files?

Arnav Joy comments:

yes keep backup of yours theme and wp-content folder then reinstall wp

little D comments:

I was trying to avoid this option. With great reluctance to have the site down for any length of time at all. But alas, I think this will be my last ditch effort. I will keep you posted if this works. I am backing up the most current version of wp-content now. I have downloaded a current version of WP this week. I will completely wipe out any trace of WP from the site and reinstall from scratch. Check to see that the Visual mode is working. Then is yes, I will proceed to overwrite the wp-content folder from the back up I am creating, reinstall the theme, recreate a child theme and reset my preferences. Effectively, rebuilding the entire site minus the content. Wish me luck!

little D comments:

Sadly, this is what it took. Thank you ALL for your response.


Martin Pham answers:

Try this:
Open wp-config.php insert into

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

More: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

little D comments:

Thank you. This did not work.


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

This sometimes comes from the browser cache, so tell him to try another one, and tell him also to clear the browser cache too.
Useful links for you:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Good luck.

little D comments:

Noone is able to use Visual mode. This is not specific to one computer. I am not able to read the tiny mce file according to the link instructions. I was able to create info.php and read specs for php.ini but now am unsure how this helps me. I do not appear able to edit any of it.


petrisor Daniel answers:

I had same problem recently and here is how i fixed it:
-download a copy of wordpress from official site and extract files into your computer
-upload wp-includes and wp-admin folder via ftp and select to replace all files that already exists.

I think this error appear after upgrading or moving wordpress from one host to another and files might get lost or corrupted.

little D comments:

This error did appear after migrating to a new server. I have downloaded a new copy of wordpress. I have uploaded a new version of both wp-includes and wp-admin.

Specified folders have been freshly uploaded and overwritten. Nothing has changed.


Budi Kurniawan answers:

if this doesn't worrk

<em>define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );</em>

put this :<blockquote>
/** Sets up WordPress vars and included files. */

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');</blockquote>

above of require once

and if the Case is still Were
try to go to your User Profile , and make sure the

<strong>"Disable the visual editor when writing"</strong>

is uncheck

and try too , Delete cache or Purge cache if you make a CDN or Cache Plugin :)

little D comments:

Thank you. This also, did not do the trick. "Disable the visual editor when writing", has been unchecked, yes.


Pali Madra answers:

The problem you are having is most probably because of JavaScript conflicts. The problem arises because of a faulty plugin or a theme or multiple plugins trying to access the same JavaScript library.

A non techie quick fix is that you install the plugin at [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]/. What this plugin does is load the JavaScript libraries from Google CDN and is safe to use.

However, in some cases this does not fix the problem.

If the problem is still not fixed then follow the following steps

1. Deactivate the google libraries plugin you enabled when applying the earlier situation.
2. Deactivate ALL plugins. Refresh the website.

Logout of the admin interface and login again into the admin section. The editor should be working now. Re-enable the plugins one after the other and if the visual editor goes faulty after enabling a particular plugin that plugin is causing the conflict and therefore cannot be used.

If for some reason disabling the plugins does not work then after disabling the plugins revert to the original theme and that is the last resort to fix the issue. If the issue is fixed after disabling the theme contact the theme developer as the issue is with the theme.

Hope this helps.


dr_killpatient answers:

qtranslate plugin?