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WP Custom Fields Search issue with template WordPress


Hi everyone

I'm currently building a property website using a theme i bought from elegant themes, called elegant estate

The normal theme had an average search box on the right, so i needed to replace it with a module called "WP Custom Fields Search", which allows you to search multiple fields at once

in terms of the search, its working really well, Unfortunately though i'm having trouble with how the results show up on the template. Apparently the plugin uses the home page template to host the search results, however the results page goes completely haywire when displaying the results

i dont know how to make the plugin adhere to a normal page?
i done see any particular templates in a page area, and i think the plugin code itself is doing its own thing ito showing the results

i was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice about how i could go about making the results show up with the template like all the normal content..

This is before the search

This is after the search, note how all the property's full up into the search bar,

you can view the site at

How can i use the generic template to display the serach results?

you can search for bathrooms for now that will give you the best idea of what i'm speaking about

i have a feeling i might need to hack about the plugin which is a bit out of my scope

i'm happy to setup temp login details if that will help
Thanks for the help


Answers (2)


Kiet Luong answers:

perhaps css or js conflict

let me help you do this.

Mike Peters comments:

Thanks alot i'll give you a shout in about an hour or so :) i'd really appreciate that


Arnav Joy answers:

your site is not running

Mike Peters comments:

Hey man sorry i forgot to activate it, its up now :)