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Im looking for a way to add to my site:
- a simple business directory, allowing people to sign up, add their business details, for it to be authorised in the admin by the client. directory to be public and be searchable using filters - of business type, location
- for those members to then have a message board, allowing them to post a question out to the other members for other members to respond to / add comments to. people to be able to view the profile/directory listing of the person responding/asking the question. Admin to moderate/authorise the questions/Messages to be displayed.

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Arnav Joy answers:

Do you have existing site?

User184840 comments:

Thanks for reply, yes I do, however its just a content based wordpress at the moment we are not using any sort of members./logging in functionality yet


Cesar Contreras answers:

The easiest and fastest is to use a plugin, here are some options

User184840 comments:

Thanks yes that is what was thinking but was having trouble choosing a plugin combination or finding one which did both these bits of required functionality

Cesar Contreras comments:

Another more complex option but more personalized to your requirements is to do it from scratch, with a Custom Post type (you can use the CPT UI plugin) and add custom fields (you can use the AFC plugin) and program the code to display the lists and the detail of records


Mohamed Ahmed answers:

Hello there,

I can create it from scratch.
But also, you can depend on this ready made theme

This is the best solution that meet your requirements.

If you want the functionality by a plugin,
Check this



Naveen Chand answers:

BuddyPress is a fantastic plugin that offers members directory seamlessly. Additionally there is a feature wherein members can create their own Groups and then add or invite members to join those groups. Members can also search and discover their interest Group and join. Each Group can then have its own interactive threads. BuddyPress Groups work very similar to Facebook Groups.

To get even more on Discussion Forums, you may like to install BBPress (that integrates very well with BuddyPress) wherein you can setup Discussion Forums where only the members who joined using BuddyPress can access Discussion Forums. Interestingly, you will have an option to setup Discussion Forums for entire site or each Group owner can have their own discussion forum.

BuddyPress is open source and is in continuous development and there are a lot of developers in this ecosystem who are adding on extension to this wonderful plugin. If you are thinking of creating a community with features such as Business Directories, Networking, Moderations, Discussions, then you should definitely consider trying BuddyPress. And then, you can add-on features that you think are missing either on your own or through a plugin or with a freelancer.

You may be surprised to know that the official support forum at is powered by BuddyPress, and that there are nearly 1200 plugins on WordPress repository that are exclusively built for BuddyPress.

If you are not using BuddyPress or similar social networking plugins, then developing a complete custom solution based on your original question is quite an expensive venture in my view, and yeah it is also possible if you are open for such investment. But I believe you should be using BuddyPress instead of reinventing the wheel.

I wish you good luck.

PS: explore more here:


Ali mosbah answers:

The Free plugins

The paid plugin