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Update taxonomy on Gravity Forms (using GF update post plugin) WordPress


Hi there!

I'm using Gravity forms to create posts fron the front-end. In order to update posts, I use the "[[LINK href=""]]Gravity Forms - Update Post[[/LINK]]" plugin.

I have a drop down that populates with custom taxonomies (Woocommerce attributes). See pic labeled: <em>Before update 02</em>

In the backend it all looks like what you see on image <em>Before update 01</em>. There's <strong>only one value per custom taxonomy</strong>.

The problem is that when I update this value through the Gravity Forms frontend, the new value is added to the taxonomy, instead of replacing the old one. Images:

[[LINK href=""]]Before update 1 (frontend)[[/LINK]]
[[LINK href=""]]Before update 02 (backend)[[/LINK]]
[[LINK href=""]]After update (backend)[[/LINK]]

How do I fix this?

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

how you added the form at frontend?

Traste comments:

It's a built-in functionality on Gravity Forms. You just create the form and add the shortcode to the page.

Arnav Joy comments:

what do you want to update ? name of the taxonomy or taxonomy assigned to a post?

please explain...

Traste comments:

The value for the taxonomy. As you can see on [[LINK href=""]]this[[/LINK]] image, there are two values for the taxonomy. It should be one.

The first one was created with the post submission, and the second value when editing the form and selecting another value on the dropdown.