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Two sites on one domain name.. best practices WordPress

Hi Guys

I have a client who has a personal side to her business and a corporate side to her business.

She has a domain name, for example where we want to install WordPress and create her personal site.

The corporate side of her business I suggested creating a new WordPress site within a directory called corporate so it could be accessed by

Is this good practice?

Or would you suggest doing it a better/more efficient/more Google friendly way?

She wants a landing page too where the clients come in and have the choice to go to the personal site or the corporate site. What is the best way of doing that?

Should we be registering a new domain for example

I just don't know what to do for the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Answers (12)


Michael Caputo answers:

That way is perfectly fine,
I would also suggest possibly looking into installing the wordpress network blog feature with sub folders as your option.
I can help set that up for you if you'd like, send me a message.


Agus Setiawan answers:

make sub domain, or buy new domain :)


Luis Abarca answers:

i think Multiste installation its a better solution.

She can manage both sites with the same account and keep all up to date easy.

She can use directory sites and even have different domains with [[LINK href=""]]Domain Mapper plugin[[/LINK]]

Luis Abarca comments:

You can also try this plugin if don't want to manage 2 sites and still use 2 domains: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

But i'll think its better to manage your personal and corporate sites separately, so as i said, multi-site may be the best solution.


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

In such situation I prefer to register 2 domain names, one for personal website, and an other for the business one.
If the two websites are in relation, you can make the business as the homepage and the personal as a link in it, and make it as you describe (subfolder). (Like we do usually in portfolio websites with a link to the blog).
For the landing page I don't prefer it, because it become a + step for the reterned visitors, and on the web we are looking for gain time :)
Hope this helps you, and sorry for my bad English.
Good luck.

Abdelhadi Touil comments:

For multisite wordpress version, I don't recommend it in such situation, because you could face problems in the future as not all plugins are compatible with Multiste version.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Hi Steve,

I have been working in SEO for years with WordPress.

In your case, the best choice is creating a subdomain. If there are only two blogs, I wouldn't use WordPress Network (old MU), there more problems than solutions for your case.

I would create two robots.txt and I would add two blogs as different ones in Google Webmaster Tools. After that, remember to install SEO plugins like All In One SEO Pack. Do not forget to give a good title and description to each one.

And be carefully, try to repeat as many words as you can in title, description and keywords.

If need more help tell me.


Pavel Petrov answers:

If I were you I would differentiate the personal from corporate site with subdomains. You can also set Wordpress Network for easy management(In my experience you won`t face any of the above stated problems if you`re administering it right), but take a look at what Matt Cutts(From Google) says:
For several years Google has used something called “host crowding,” which means that Google will show up to two results from each hostname/subdomain of a domain name. That approach works very well to show 1-2 results from a subdomain, but we did hear complaints that for some types of searches (e.g. esoteric or long-tail searches), Google could return a search page with lots of results all from one domain. In the last few weeks we changed our algorithms to make that less likely to happen in the future.
He wrote an excellent article about it, which you might want to read. [[LINK href=""]]Subdomains and subdirectories - Matt cutts blog[[/LINK]].


Jatin Soni answers:

If she doesn't want to make interconnection for each sites than you can use the way you said like for x site and sub directories for y and z site like and

Also you can try with sub domain for sub sites like main site x will be the same like and sub sites y and z would be like and

I personally prefer sub domain and no such big reason but I can keep url for the main domain clean and dedicated where sub domains will have own url structure and won't interfere with main domain


Daniel answers:

Definitely Multisite


Gabriel Reguly answers:


Go with multisite install, I can do that for you. or

Both are valid options.

Best thing of multisite is that she will have only one login and only one WordPress to mantain/upgrade.



Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Steve ,

There are pros and cons of using both the methods like separate domains or multisite wp installation .

I do not think so that the personal blog will have too many pages in the site , so in this case you can use multisite wp .

But if both the site has lots of data then i think you should go for the two domains .

About the landing page , yes you can add links to the other site .

let me know if you need any help in implementing any thing


Asad Iqbal answers:

I suggest you to buy 2 domains. It's like make a barricade between personal and professional life. If she wrote blog to her personal site then it's feed may go to the corporate site's saying 'From HERS blog'. that's all. And into her personal blog/site she can wrote about his service and can give his corporate site's links.

Another thing comes in my mind that she will get 2 different mail address set which will be very helpful for long run. She can just manage all mails from one account by forwarding and authorizing her all mail address to/with one account. As i guess she want to establish a long term plan I think brand 2 website separately and then people who likes will be her customer and people who are her customer will read her blog too :).

More the communication, more the scope.



Albert Shala answers:

Depending on the type of business, putting the corporate on sub-domain would be fine, however in terms of SEO i would separate the two, unless the personal aspect of her blog is directly related to her business, but having two separate sites each would be beneficial as one could server as a backlink for the other and vice-versa.