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Troubleshoot a plugin WordPress


I have been having trouble with an events plugin and I need some help troubleshooting what is going wrong.

Current problem:
When adding an event - the set featured image is not showing any images from the media library.

The media library has images in it they are just not being displayed in the pop up window.
I can't work out if it is a plugin error, wordpress install error or a theme problem.

Answers (5)


zebra webdesigns answers:

if possible Can You PM me the login details .
My skype id: bhuvan530531

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Amanda, I have fixed the error and PM ed you regarding that.
Copy the pastebin version in functions.php file and let me know.


Arnav Joy answers:

Where is the problem I can see all the images in that page

Amanda comments:

it's through the backend of wordpress. When you create an event the set featured image is not allowing the user to set an image. It brings up the box and doesn't display any images that are in the media library


John Cotton answers:

<blockquote>I can't work out if it is a plugin error, wordpress install error or a theme problem.</blockquote>
It could be any of those.

It's not uncommon to filter the media pop-ups content, perhaps by user or filetype or something else.

But if your event is a standard custom post type, it would be unusual to see a filter on a dashboard edit page.

With the same login, check in a page or post edit that you can see all the images ( I know you've already done this, but do it again please!)

And then perhaps a screen grab of the faulty screen? Or a url so that we can guess what might be happening?


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

is it not simply a conflict with another plugin ?
Your problem with media is recent ? You have recently install a new plugin ?

Try to deactivate all anothers plugins and make a test with an image.


Ryan S answers:

To check if this is a plugin or theme issue, lets investigate this
1. Disable plugin and see if it still happen
2. Use default theme and see if the error still persist
3. if still not working try re-install the plugin.
4. check your upload path by default it is like "wp-content/upload"