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Transform a theme for spy agency into a spy theme for WP WordPress


Someone know if exist a service that sell a good theme for a spy agency or same?

EDIT 30/05/2010:
Ok i finded this two themes specific for spy agency, but arent for WP. My question is this:

Someone of you can transform this themes perfectly (in terms of graphics, plug-and two languages) to WP theme? If yes, contact me for tell me the price. Regards.

Answers (6)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Visit this link


or if you need made theme specially for you for your request also I can support you.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Well contact me and maybe send some screenshot and price about your offer.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Interessant theme, but I don't see how it could be reviewed in this issue applied to a detective agency. I prefer to find a free theme and test it. Thanks

Rashad Aliyev comments:


I said before, Yes I'm available for this. Which one do you prefer?

I need for this a few days.

Best regards,


mothernatur3s0n comments:

Hi, I want to know which of the two themes that I listed you are able to
create for WP (with the same graphics and the same characteristics. In
addition, the site will have two language and WP plugins). Thanks

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Ok you won this question. About the project u know my answer, we talked on email. Regards


Erez S answers:

I don't think so,but you can pay to wordpress developer and he will create new theme for your spy agency


Oleg Butuzov answers:

[[LINK href=""]]wordpress themes [[/LINK]] i dont think that you can find a "spy template", its too specific.

or you can order template on any of this sites ,,


Monit Jadhav answers:

I think instead of searching for spy theme as a specific subject. Search for the theme structure you are looking for (You can get a lot of themes for free use) and then you can hand it over to a wordpress designer (Someone like me :)) and he can give it the look you want.

This way you have more options in themes. Let me know what sort of page structure you are looking for may be I can find you a good free theme for it, then you can always build on it.



Dan Fraticiu answers:

you could try <a href=""></a>. Tons of wordpress themes, the advantage is that most authors also provide support for their themes.

Good Luck

mothernatur3s0n comments:

I know this portal, thanks for your suggestion, but i dont find any theme for me


senlin answers:

In terms of ready spy agency WordPress themes there is not an awful lot on the market.

But you can always try this James Bond theme:

It is indeed a bit so, so. Better go with Manit's suggestion then

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Thanks for your idea, lol, but this theme is really unprofessional. :)