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Theme Modifications, Templates created, Porfolio Layout etc. WordPress


This list is what I need to be done.

(1) I need the new content page called Portfolio to be have its own page template and you can kill the sidebar as I don’t want to show on this template page. You can see the an example on Alex King (original Wordpress developer) here

I want the same things. For each of my projects I’d like the following information to pass over.

Project Title
Project Featured Image (Also make the feature image display at 292 by 103px, just like in Alex King’s site.)

I noticed that Wordpress itself defaults to displaying 362 characters of the post text so that leave it alone. So when its said and done it should have 3 colums, notice how Alex King’s site has 2 but I’d like 3 since you won’t echo the sidebar on this page.

Notice on the main portfolio page it shows 10 minutes ago. You can delete that from this page.

Also very important: Don’t break the site responsive layout.

That’s always your guide. Any questions let me know.

(2) This Theme uses a Plugin called “Threads” also developed by Alex King which creates a new taxonomy called Threads, much like the Portfolio Taxonomy we have today but with its own styling as you can see on this page:

That particular thread is the one you will be working on. Here I’d like a Thread Template page to be setup to look like the following page:

So basically, you’re making this thread, a full width thread, just for the thread category titled but I’d like something like this to be showed: a display of the feature image to match those dimension. Similar padding so it looks as much as the example.

(3) Also I’d like a Page Template Full width but without the Sidebar, so that should be easy enough - call it: Full Width Page NS

I will give you the links to dropbox where the theme files are located and you basically tell me what to replace or new php files to add to the theme or modify.

Theme files can be download via this dropbox link:

Let me know, I'll be available to chat via Gtalk as well, send a message through here and we'll get connected.

Thanks and let me know.

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zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello jorge

connect to me through Skype: bhuvan530531
you can also mail me to [email protected]

Jorge Ledesma comments:

message sent


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Jorge ,

I would like to work in your site , please provide me access , I will need admin and ftp .

please send me mail : [email protected]