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Suggest plugins or see if its possible to custom made WordPress


The set budget is just for posting its negotiable based on provided solution.

Hello friends, I need a different kind of form. I am not familiar with any plugins which can produce such kind of contact/quote form.

See the images. I have used contact form 7.

see the related example

Answers (3)


Kyle answers:

Most any form can do this if you just manipulate the css. Replace radio buttons (by ID) an img.

input[type=radio] + img{
input[type=radio]:checked + img{

I actually use this in a different way on to have better visuals for my radio buttons, that are actually images. Same idea, but you just have to use IDs instead of classes, and set each image.

Jihan Ahmed comments:

I have used the css/jquery to achieve the desired result. Thanks for reminding the css method. I will increase the bid amount and end the question now.

Check the final result here


John Cotton answers:

Is this for selling?

If so, product variations in WooCommerce would give you a form exactly like that, with a price at the end of it.

Jihan Ahmed comments:

I just need contact/quote form which will send email with the selected info by visitors.. also plz check the full image

I don't think its possible to create using woocommerce variation product.

John Cotton comments:

It could definitely be made in WooCommerce with product variations, I've done something similar (it doesn't look like yours, but the principle is the same).

And WC can be customised so that an "order" becomes a "quote request" - just tweaking some templates and changing some of the terminology does that.

I'm 98% certain you could do this with WooCommerce.

John Cotton comments:

...although I'm not saying it's a 10 minute job to do it!

It would certainly need some custom HTML/CSS for the layout of the dropdown boxes (overriding the standard listbox).

Jihan Ahmed comments:

it will be much complicated if I use woocommerce and also the site is not intended to sue any eCommerce functionality.


Just Me answers:

Hi, I am not familiar with WooCommerce, (I use Shopp), but I agree with John. If clicking a software product should adjust the next field to reflect the options for the choosen software product you should use an e-commerce solution instead of just a form.

This will be easier to maintain by your customer too. After the right custom code has been developed it will work with current and future products.