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Streaming News and Stock etc... WordPress


I need a plugin, or php code, that i could insert to give me the current time in multiple locations (korea and finland). I also need a stock ticker that i can specify which stocks to display from finalnd and korea like this : . I also need a plugin to stream news from a news website (korea and finland).

I am also looking for a plugin that will act as a second "Posts" thing? basically i have a blog template on my website, and it streams all of the "Posts", I want a plugin that can be completely separate from my categories and posts and will function the same and allow either a shortcode or something that i can place in a page.

Thanks, If someone can answer all thats great, otherwise i can split the money among people?

Answers (2)


Navjot Singh answers:

For World Clock Try these plugins [[LINK href=""]]Local Time Clock[[/LINK]] and [[LINK href=""]]Flash World Clock[[/LINK]].

For Stock Ticker you can try [[LINK href=""]]WP Stock Ticker[[/LINK]]. It pulls data from Yahoo! Finance so if Korea's and Finland's markets are there, this plugin should support them.

For your second posts thing, what you need is [[LINK href=""]]Custom Post Types[[/LINK]]. You may want to look into that.

umcadop comments:

Navjot any other ideas for the clock? local clock only shows one time zone and flash world only has 3 options of 6 places, and non are finland or korea.

The stock ticker is nice thanks!

Navjot Singh comments:

Try [[LINK href=""]]WorldClock[[/LINK]].

umcadop comments:

yes thanks!

Navjot Singh comments:

For News from Finland and Korea, use [[LINK href=""]]RSS Just better[[/LINK]] plugin. It has options for selecting Google News source and countries from where you want to show the news.


Arnav Joy answers:

for your second problem of different post thing you can use following plugin:-

umcadop comments:

Arnav thanks!

any ideas for streaming news from a finland/korea website or world clock?