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Strange redirect issue WordPress


Please note: you will need to add at least one item to your cart in order to see this behavior.

On the following page: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]], there is a checkbox near the bottom of the page to agree to the terms and conditions. On the German page, when this link is clicked, the server returns a '301 Redirect' to the english version of the page.

The german link is The english version is

There is however, an identical link in the bottom left corner of the page right above the copyright notice. Clicking this link will not issue a redirect.

Can anyone help please explain this?

This is WP 3.4.1 with qTranslate 2.5.31 and WP Ecommerce

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Daryl ,

I checked both the link

1. next to check box (

2. at the footer (

see the difference in both the link , it is "/" so adding "/" at the end will correct your problem .

try running both the pages at address bar of the browser , one without the "/" will redirect you to the English version of the page .

so the corrected url of the page in German is ""

Daryl Lozupone comments:

Well done, Arnav.

Is that appending of the trailing slash of function of WordPress permalinks? I still do not have a great grasp of .htaccess redirect magic.

Arnav Joy comments:

yes it is


Luis Abarca answers:

Did you choose to autodetect language ?

Also, when i submit the form, takes me to paypal, but product description looks weird

Beschreibungen Betrag
<!--:de-->KINKY – small<!--:--><!--…<!--:de-->KINKY – small<!--:--><!--:us-->KINKY – small<!--:-->
10.00 Artikel nummer: 345
Artikelpreis: 10.00
Anzahl: 1

Daryl Lozupone comments:

Is autodetect language set where?

Luis Abarca comments:

qTranslate options
- Detect browser language and
- Hide unstranslated content

the page exists in german language ??

Daryl Lozupone comments:

Detect browser language is unchecked.
Hide untranslated content unchecked.

Page does exist in german language.

Still strange behavior.