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Slide-Down Submenu for SideNavigation WordPress

Hello, i would like to have for the side-navigation down-slide submenus.
The Theme hasnt included the necessary classes, to do so, with known plugins. Im looking for an implementation into the existing responsive theme.

Answers (4)


flint_and_tinder answers:

If you mean an accordion menu, your best bet is to use a plug-in that way you can still have dynamic wp_nav_menus. The best I've found is this:



Can you detail how the menu is made currently? Is there a reason as to why you can't use wp_nav_menus so the plugin I've suggested can work? Please post your menu code.

Xaver121 comments:

Thank you flint_and_tinder & ej_emman. It should work with the navigation of the theme, but it doesnt, because there inst a class defined for navigation items, that supports it.

If i open one parent menu, all parent menues open (with any plugins)

Please let me know if you can add to the theme the necessary code /class that it works (css? functions? i have no clue...)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you explain , what you are asking for?

Arnav Joy comments:

so if you are using vertical scroll plugin then it is opening all the menu itmes , can you show me


ej_emman answers:

Hello Xaver,

Try this, this is a good plugin that you are looking for.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]



Kyle answers:

Could you provide some more details?

When you said 'with any plugins' does this mean you have tried menu plugins and they still all open?

Do you want someone to tweak your existing menu, or would you like a custom menu built? If you would like a custom menu would you like it all css/html or with js?

From what I can tell there is something missing in your theme css to hide the submenu items, normally when you want to have submenus as you describe you set ul to display:none as the normal setting. Then use pseudo classes like :hover or :active or :focus with the display:block to show the submenus.

.sidebar .subnav ul ul li { display: none } will hide all the submenus. Then something like ul ul:active li (display: block} will show them. There are lots of different ways to do it, so you would have to provide more detail, I would be happy to implement this on your site if that is in fact what you are looking for.