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Simple custom slideshow plug in build. WordPress


Hi Guys

I would like a slidshow plug in built similar to this one

Once installed the client needs to be able to add text and photos seperately using a simple interface. On the example above you will notice the text under the photo slides in unison with the images. The plug in needs to have little navigation like the example too.

Ideally i would like to use shortcodes to add different slideshows to different pages.

This is the site i am going to use it on and the slider i need to replace i have used the Nivo slider here and added the text as an image but that makes it difficult for the client to change and update.

My previous coder had problems with conflicts as the site has other jQuery processes going on so we would need to test and tweak.

Anyone intersted in building this for m?

Many thanks

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Pali Madra answers:

The Nivo slider plugin can be tweaked to have the text below the slides. The text would be synchronized with the slides. If you need that then please let me know and I will do it for you.

As @Augs said another option can be to use the nextgen-gallery plugin as it meets your requirements. If you need help in implementing that let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Steve Watson comments:

Hi Pali

The Nivo slider tweak would be an ideal solution. I have that installed and you can use it on mulitiple pages which is good.

How would you do that? Would you just create a Nivo theme that could be chosen from the drop down menu in settings?

This would mean I could use different themes on different pages. Is that possible?

It would be great if you could do that for me.

Would you be able to help me tweak it once installed to make sure it all works properly?

This sounds like the perfect solution for me

How do we proceed?


Steve Watson comments:

I need quite a quick turn around (hence the $100). Would you be able to do this by Tuesday next week?

Pali Madra comments:

Hello Steve,

Unfortunately I'm tied up with other things and would not be able to devote time to this task this coming weeks. Sorry.

Thank you for the offer.


Manoj Raj answers:

Hi Steve,

Slideshow Gallery is a better plugin

I have tweaked a little to look like the one in your benchmark website...

You can have a look at the following url how the slideshow looks...

Steve Watson comments:

Hi Manoj

Would you be interested in tweaking this for me if i install it on my site?

I need to be able to use it on more than one page, would that still work?

Many thanks

Manoj Raj comments:

Hi Steve,

You can just install the plugin in your website and test its working by adding new slides->Then assign them to Galleries and add the short codes to different posts and pages...

If you are okay with the back end options, we can proceed to tweak...

List me the features you want to add to the existing plugin so that i can tell you whether i can do within time or not...

BTW, i have updated the slideshow with the images from the site you have pasted here...


Steve Watson comments:

Hi Monoj.

I just wanted to make sure you understood that

1. I need to be able to add the text and photos seperately
2. I need to be able to use different sildeshows on different pages
3. There should be no conflicts with the other slidehow I have on my home page

Let me know and I will go and install it for us and give you access to do a test run.




Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Steve ,

I can help you implementing this , I will create a shortcode which can be used at multiple pages and we can use gallery of the page or post with content written in description field.

Let me know if no other expert is working on it..



Agus Setiawan answers:

i think you can use this plugin, simple, and you can use shortcode for different slideshow.


Asad Iqbal answers:

Can you please check this:

You can use short code and text to display. Let me know if it helps you or not.


Ibrahim Quayum answers:

Here is a plugin fully similar as like that :
and here is a big list of image slideshow plugins:
I think you will be like to use that and those plugins :)


Hai Bui answers:

We can use NextGEN Gallery plugin and do a little customization to meet your needs. I can have it done by next Tuesday. Let me know if you are interested.


Martin Pham answers:

You may continue using nivoslider or different slider.
I can create for you a plugin, using WP Gallery each article, shortcode ... to do this.
This can be completed in the next few hours. I await your response.


iontbrianhobe answers:

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