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Several odd ends that need solving tonight :S WordPress


[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] needs some jobs done. I know you like things in list form so:

1. I'd like it to be multilingual.. i'm thinking <strong></strong> is in greek and <strong></strong> for english.

I'd like it so as to be able to type a post in greek or english and have a google translate auto translate it underneath so i can just edit it.

Google translate is optional, 2 visual editors one greek one english would be fine ;)

2. I'd like you to find a way to make all images have rounded corners. I dislike how the whole site has an oval look but the images in the featured and in the posts are square, maybe a small function to auto add a border?

3. I'd like the search bar on the top enlarged. Maybe 1.5 cm on the screen from the F facebook icon?

4.I've made a prototype on [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] i'd like you to look at before reading this task.

Each category will be split into subcategories. I.e Cakes will have Chocolate Frosting Decorated.I'd like to click on Cakes on the menu and get the 3 rounded image Categories.

I'd also like for the actual category/list of products to appear the same style.

I want it to look almost the same as the prototype, just a 3x3 grid instead of a 1x3 with the post title underneath instead of ontop and the image description under that. Oh and ofc a next page set of rounded buttons.

I've used a plugin to get it to work as of now, but i doubt it's maleable enough, you can replace/write it at will. We could discuss the purchase of another plugin if it's absolutely necessary tho i haven't found one that seems to do what i want.

<strong>Of all the tasks this and the multilingual are the main and most important ones.
5. Above the copyright notice,

Customer support:
Working Hours: 9.00 - 17.00
Email: [email protected]
Contact form

6. a small lightbox contact form that triggers off a link.

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Philip ,

I can help you for this , let me know.

Philip Prescott-Decie comments:

yes please arnav ;)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Philip,

That is a nice site, congratulations.

Regarding your timeframe, if I were you, I would tell the customer that it will take another week to get the site ready.

You could offer a prize of $500 and yet your project would not be ready in 24 hours.