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Sell event tickets from website? I need a quick & easy solution (plugi WordPress


Sell event tickets from website?

I need a quick & easy solution (plugin?) to sell event tickets from my website.

-- Needs to support PayPal
-- Need a printout of ticket purchasers with contact information
-- Customizable for types of tickets to sell
-- Need purchase confirmation email

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Mohamed Ahmed answers:

Hi Avonnes,

Here you are
E-tickets & print-at-home tickets
Templatable tickets and receipts
Easy shopping cart
Payment via Paypal Standard,, or offline
Integration with My Calendar or as a stand-alone plug-in
Extensive reporting options by event or by date
Mass email purchasers for an event
Amazingly extendable – build your own payment gateway and plug it in!


- Sell tickets directly within your event listings
- No ticket fees (as required by most third-party ticket services) for site admins or buyers
- Create all tickets from directly within the WordPress admin…no need to visit a third-party website
- Add multiple tickets (free and/or paid) to any event, page, or post
- Drive sales with colorful Buy Now buttons in multiple views
- Ticket stock countdown lets customers know how many tickets are left, with a clear Sold Out message once they’re gone
- Style the ticket box using custom templates
- Internationalized and ready for translation
- Set windows of time for when you want given ticket types to be on sale
- Custom attendee registration allows you to collect information from your attendees
- Multi-site compatible
- Limit how many tickets of a given type are available, share stock between ticket types, or allow unlimited attendees
- Include QR codes on tickets to expedite event check-in
- QR check-in can work with multiple user roles so staff or volunteers can easily manage attendees
- Android and iOS apps for easy attendee check-in
- Generate reports on an event- or ticket- specific basis

I hope it would help you


Cesar Contreras answers:

try this plugin, I hope you like it.

Avonnes comments:

Looks like this will work for my needs for a quick and simple solution. Thanks!


Arnav Joy answers:

are you still looking for help?


Hugo Gonçalves answers:

Hi Avonnes!

This plugin might do the trick.
Here's the github url:

Hope this could help.


Avonnes comments:

Need Woo Commerce to operate, which I don't have.

Hugo Gonçalves comments:

Ok. No problem, didn't know what setup you had or could manage, but to be fair WooCommerce is a bit heavy option just for this.

In that case i have these 2 other suggestions, that i hope can help you:
Events Manager
(for the paypal option you have to buy the Pro version)

Event Espresso



Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Although this is a premium solution, I would rather recommend you not only for all the work and time you are going to save, but also because you can get support.

Avonnes comments:

Ouch! Too pricey for my budget.

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

Maybe you are not considering the time saved and the tickets you can sell using it instead another solution.

And yes, support in premium solutions like this may can save you much money solving fixes and other problems with freelances.


Echeverri answers:

let me know if you still need support!