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Save CPT to favorites and print to PDF WordPress



I am looking for someone to help build a plugin to save my CPT into "My Favorites". Visiting the "My Favorites" page will show all of the posts the user saved. Clicking on the "download Favorites" button will download the posts into a styled PDF.

Here are more specs:

- The user does not have to be logged in to use this feature

- On my CPT Single template I have a "Add to Favorites" button.

- The "My Favorites" page shows the Title, a custom field, post excerpt and a "remove from favorites" button.

- On the "My Favorites" sidebar there is a download pdf button. Clicking on this button will download a styled PDF with the posts the user marked as favorites.

I am hoping to have this developed over the next couple of days.

Please let me know what you would charge for something like this.

If you require any more details please let me know.


Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

i would like to help you for this , can you tell me what you want in pdf ?