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Repeating terms across multiple product attributes WordPress


I'm populating a woocommerce site with products, some of which are boxes of say 5 products which can be selected from a list of 32. The product is set up with 5 choices, each choice being one of 32 options. I've done this with each choice being a product attribute and each of the 32 options being terms within that attribute.

Is there a way to copy the terms across multiple attributes or do I need to manually input 32 terms for each?



Answers (2)


Jayaram Y answers:


I have worked for one of my client to create packs and add various options to selection.


But for the options in the product, i.e you need to manually select the options for each pack.

Or else if it has same terms, then you can clone(copy to new draft) the product and then edit it as needed.


Arnav Joy answers:

I think programmatic you can assign terms to attributes.