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Repeating Bullets WordPress


I've got a weird situation where my codes calls a custom bullet. It works but on the longer paragraphs, it starts displaying the next icons that are defined in the shortcodes.css style sheet.

Please note that the site is still under development, but... an example can be seen at-

On that page, I'm calling the purple star. In the style sheet, the "ribbon" is the next defined icon followed by the "tick"

The ouput should be just a single "star" next to the beginning of each paragraph. The "ribbon" icon and the "tick" icon should not be showing up as they were not called in the code anyplace that I can find.


Answers (2)


Duncan O'Neill answers:

Porbably the easiest thing to do is either edit or edit and rename the image you're using for a background.

That image is referenced on line 194 of [[LINK href=""]] [[/LINK]] ,

which gives this

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

as the background image. That image is 17px x 4540px.

The line in the stylesheet is;

.list_icon.violet ul li, .icon_text.violet {
background-image: url("../images/icons/violet.png");

I'd edit the image by chopping off everything except the top. If you're happy with that, re-upload the image. If you need it for other uses, rename it something similar, and edit the reference in the style sheet above.



Arnav Joy answers:

can you tell , what should be the output in this page