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Remove the word "date" from MultiSite Archive permalinks. WordPress


I only just noticed the actual word "date" in my Multisite archive permalinks like so .....


I'm guessing it's a MultiSite specific thing, as I have never noticed it on a single WP install? And I guess its purpose is conflict prevention of some sort. Can it be removed or modified like so .....

Preferably to this:
Otherwise to this:<strong>aDifferentWord</strong>/2011/06/18/

- This multisite installation is atypical in nature. No single.php or page.php templates is used/displayed, with archives.php and index.php being the only navigation and display. So there's no concern of postname or pagename permalink conflict (if that's what purpose "date" serves in the archives permalinks).

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

for this you have to change the permalink structure


TheLoneCuber comments:

Permalinks are already set Arnav. This appears in the <strong>date archives only</strong>, which is why I think that MultiSite must force this inclusion. But I'm not sure. Either way, changing the permalinks via wp>>settings>>permalink only changes the permalink for the single.php doesn't it?


Navjot Singh answers:

It does appear in single WP installations too. Date is used when you have set your post permalinks to use the post ids. To differentiate that the year is not yet another post id, the date keyword is added to all the archives in such cases.

Simplest way is to change your post permalinks so that post id does not appear in them. Date keyword would also get removed then.

TheLoneCuber comments:

Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. I am using a custom field as my post permalink.