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Remove shipping calculator WP E-commerce WordPress


I try to implement a simple shipping option, where there's one shipping cost for all orders and I only ship to one country.

So I used fixed shipping and managed to hide the calculator altogether because it's unecessary considering the above (there's only one country in the drop-down anyway).

The shipping price shows up correctly on the total and everything, but when I try to proceed to payment I get <strong>"You must select a shipping method, otherwise we cannot process your order"</strong>.

It seems the only way for the shipping to work is to press the "Calculate" button next to the drop-down list. So how do I do if I don't want it there, I mean the drop-down consists of one country anyway... Can I somehow make it calculate to a default country automatically, or remove the whole drop-down validation?

I tried searching around and it seems people only suggest hiding it or removing it from the php, but that only gives me above error.

Any help is appreciated!!


Answers (2)


Michael Caputo answers:

Add this to your CSS:


taz comments:

Like I wrote, hiding it wont do it since it demands the customer to click the "Calculate" button in order to work, otherwise showing above error message.

Michael Caputo comments:

Oh strange, I tested it on a site I have running a cart, and it doesn't give an error for me.

Hope you find a solution.


Arnav Joy answers:

you can use this plugin to provide a single shipping method

Arnav Joy comments:

if you want to show only one country then go to following page and select only one country from the list named as "Target Markets: "

go to this url

please change
to the name of your site

taz comments:

That's the plugin i'm already using, even though I have one option it still wants the customer to select country and click Calculate. I only have one country in Target Markets, so the drop-down only shows one country, which is why i want to remove it. Totally unecessary.

Arnav Joy comments:

try to use my second option of checking only one country , can you show me the screen store>>shipping , give me scrrenshot