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Registration process and Category listing. WordPress


I have recently purchased the Directory Theme
and I would like to ask for an assistance.

1.The User registration in the Default is setup with User name and Email address; however I would like to change this setup to link to another page with Business address and Billing address as well. I would very much appreciate if you could kindly advise me how to make the change.
2.According to the Default, the registered user can choose to be multi-registered for Location and Category upon uploading own site to the Directory. However I would like to change the setup to be able to select only one choice. I would appreciate again for your assistance to make the change.

Thank you very much in advance for all your assistance.

Answers (2)


Eric P. answers:

For the first, I'd see if [[LINK href=""]]Register Plus Redux[[/LINK]] could do what you need.

If you're setting up a commercial directory for "paid advertising/listings," there are better themes for that. I've seen good results with GeoTheme.


Arnav Joy answers:

i think for point 1 you have to use any plugin like

and for point 2 , for this i have to see your site and check things there.