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Redirect Loops Problems WordPress


I don't know what happened actually. Yesterday, it was just working fine. I recalled what I did to put me in this difficult situation this morning.

Yesterday, I was just editing posts with PhpMyAdmin.

Well, anyway, I disabled all plugin and find out what is not working. It's the Plugin [[LINK href=""]]Custom Permalinks[[/LINK]].

<strong>My problem is that I have about hundred videos in youtube, and each video is given with Custom Permalink set. I want to keep the Custom Permalink Plugin and get rid with Redirect Loop Problems. </strong>

I now disable my Custom Permalink Plugin and everything work as it is. But this of course is not a good solution.

Please help. If you need whatever codes and details plugin lists, please let me know.

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

what is the problem , where are you redirecting, can you show it?

tutornotes comments:

Attached please find.

And by the way, I am now disabling Custom Permalinks. If you clicked on that now, it's nothing wrong.

Please refer to what I want in my original question in bold. Thanks