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Hello, I am using WooCommerce in a Woothemes template (Whitelight). In addition, I am using their [[LINK href=""]]CSV import tool[[/LINK]] which allows you to import product information into the WooCommerce store. My main issue is with the images that are being used on the product pages.

A little background first, forgive me if this is can put images in manually one by one by the normal add media button for each product. If you don't want to do that, you can do a mass import using the Media -> add new through the flash uploader and then tell the CSV import tool what images you want to apply to each product in this format e.g. picture-1.jpg|picture-2.jpg|picture-3.jpg|picture4.jpg, which would result in 4 images on the page as shown on this webpage:

Both methods work fine, but a more desired workflow would be to simply host the images elsewhere and use the CSV import tool to call up the URL's, just like you normally would if the images were inside the uploads folder. e.g. http://whateversite/widget/picture-1.jpg|http://whateversite/widget/picture-2.jpg|http://whateversite/widget/picture-3.jpg|http://whateversite/widget/picture-4.jpg. However, if you do this, Wordpress duplicates the images inside the upload folder with the same name.

For example, I've got an image called picture-1.jpg, if I try to import using that CSV tool and import it from http://whateversite/widget/picture-1.jpg when I look in my uploads folder I'll not only have picture-1.jpg, but I'll also have picture-11.jpg. If you try to import again & again, you might get picture-12.jpg, picture-13.jpg etc. etc.

It just becomes a complete mess of images.

So to summarize, is there some sort of setting/plugin I could use to prevent Wordpress from auto-duplicating the files? It would be very helpful to host these images elsewhere with the project I am working on.

Answers (3)


Dbranes answers:

Here is a plugin that helps to owerwrite uploads

Hope this helps.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Kyle,

Sorry to say, but that is standard behavior for image library.

When you already have an image with the same name it just appends/increments the last number in the name.

Solution: upload images with unique file names.



Arnav Joy answers:

what is the problem if image name is duplicated