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Problem with my home page slider WordPress


Hi there,

I am using a Wordpress theme - Hermes.

Live preview of theme -

My actual website - (you'll need to log in upon request via direct message)

The issue is the home page slider. It doesn't look the way it should compared to the live preview. The top wrapper is a all moved down and out of whack and the actual slider is looking a little funny with an obscure black bar at the bottom of it.

To see exactly what I mean, you'll need to log in to my site. I can email you theme documentation, FTP details and my login so you can go in and tweak it if you can see the problem.

Would really appreciate the help.


Answers (5)


Manoj Raj answers:

Send me a personal message with login details.. I will fix it..


Asad Iqbal answers:

May be image re-size issue, you can send me login details thus I can check.


Arnav Joy answers:

If you are interested than send me pm , i will look this


Pali Madra answers:

Seems like the issue has been fixed.


Jatin Soni answers:

I think you put site off. I got this message when try to access the home page <blockquote>Our brand new website is on its way. Please check back very soon!</blockquote>